Phil Mackenzie

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and I produce as Phil Mac.

I make my own music and work with artists on projects in pop and dance music.

I love playing pop songs on the piano and playing for singalongs - often in the pub.

I DJed for many years in London and performed the Phil Mac Live show.

I founded Iceberg Audio where I build audio software including The Sub.

Cuid A (Irish Exam Song)
Novelty Song in Irish - Released 5 June 2023

"Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste!"

"Broken Irish is better than clever English!"

I took part in the Views Of The Valley song writing retreat in Wicklow in May 2023.

We were challenged to come up with a song to entertain other participants. Together three of us produced Cuid A (Irish Exam Song).

Cuid A is a fun take on memories going to school in Ireland.

The song contains Irish phrases every school pupil will remember such as:

"An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas" (Can I go to the toilet)

“Téigh a chodladh” (Go to sleep)

“Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste” (Broken Irish is better than clever english)

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My Work
Music Production
Swing & Bass, Vintage Remix
I was once an aspiring Drum and Bass producer! I spent years trying to break into the UK scene but my music wasn't hard and gritty enough. I later started making Electro Swing where all the elements are much more musical and less abstract. I realised that there was a new home for my D&B productions in that world. Along with many other producers we started making this alternative type of musical D&B that was allowed to be happy. This developed into Swing and Bass or Vintage Remix and it is so cool to now see that music and that happy vibe thriving at festivals all around the world.
Electro Swing
I was crate digging in a second hand CD shop in Camden in 2008 and came across an early Electro Swing compilation CD. I knew just from the CD cover that I wanted to start making that kind of music. I grew up listening to old vinyl collections - scratched 45s/78s - I knew every Al Jolson song on the piano. Until I saw that CD it had never occured to me to start remixing that music for the dance floor and a week later I had my first track, Like This. I've always loved this blend of old and new. Through this work I also developed a huge appreciation for the musicality and skill of musicians from the 1920s and 1930s which is easily forgotten today.
Collaborations and Remixes
YouTube superstars Postmodern Jukebox released my remix of their cover of Sweet Child O'Mine to celebrate their 100 millionth view on YouTube.
Remix of Bazar De Luxe by Lamuzgueule from their album Bada boom boom swing. Released on ChinChin records.
DJ Chris Tofu is a legend of the UK festival scene, the man behind Electro Swing, Vintage Remix and a mentor to me and many others. I love this video as it starts with Be Mine which is a track that I never thought would amount to anything. Chris championed it all the way to Glasonbury and beyond which blew my mind. It also has my collaboration with the Bellinis on a cover of Song 2 by Blur and my cover of Praise You by Fatboy Slim. Legend.
A project with Richard Swan, director of the amazing phenomenon that is London City Voices choir.
I collaborated with the Bellinis on a few releases. They have a fantastic sound that was a joy to bring to the dance floor. This is Bellini which was released on Spare Room Records.
I loved working on this rework of Jeanie's song, I'm Not In Love With You, which we released on Spare Room Records.
This collab with Jack was a very special one as it was part of a unique event at Peter Gabriel's studio, Real World in Bath, UK. We took part in creating an album in a weekend with an incredible group of producers and musicians. This was our contribution, Electric Shock.
Such a fun remix with Fizzy Gillespie!
Live Show
Phil Mac Live was a show that I performed with Jack Carmine in venues around the UK. It was as chance to bring the music to life with live instruments. This video has footage from one of our early gigs in Swing and Bass Nottingham run by the amazing Fizzie Gillespie.
I loved DJing in London around lots of venues, especially Chris Tofu's Electro Swing Club. Here is some footage from one of my all time favourite gigs at Boomtown Fair 2015 when I had played Mayfair avenue.
My Work
Music Technology
Reality Decks
When I am not making music I make music technology. In 2018 I released Reality Decks, one of the first DJing apps for VR.
Iceberg Audio
In 2019 I founded Iceberg Audio to focus on making software for music producers. Together with Davide Gubitoso (The Golden Army) we have released 13 products to date.
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