Singing Events in Dublin (New!)

(April 2024) I am in the process of organising some new singing events in Dublin along with a new city centre choir.

Subscribe below and I'll keep you posted.

Philip Mackenzie

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and my work spans a few different areas of music including choir directing/arranging, music production and building music technology.

I was involved the London Electro Swing and Swing and Bass dance scenes for many years and have made lots of music as Phil Mac. I have DJed and performed my live show at events and festivals across the UK.

I make audio and music software and I founded Iceberg Audio and Reality Decks Virtual Reality.

I developed The Sub, a popular virtual bass instrument used by music producers, with legendary sound designer Davide Gubitoso (The Golden Army).

Some of my music is on Spotify. Lots more of it is including downloads are on SoundCloud.

I make videos on TikTok about various things I find interesting in music.