Big News - I'm setting up a new choir in Dublin!

It's called the DAWSON CHORUS.

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Songs, Songs, Songs

I love learning songs and disecting them to see how they work - proper music nerd stuff.

I've started making videos on TikTok about songs I find interesting.

@philmacmusic Are we missing a great technique by not changing key? Here is a song with 5 keys. #producertok #songwriters #fyp #keychange #80smusic #popproduction #studio #producer #recording #CapCut ♬ original sound - Phil Mac
Philip Mackenzie

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and my work spans a few different areas of music including choir directing/arranging, music production and building music technology.

I was involved the London Electro Swing and Swing and Bass dance scenes for many years and have made lots of music as Phil Mac. I have DJed and performed my live show at events and festivals across the UK.

I make audio and music software and I founded Iceberg Audio and Reality Decks Virtual Reality.

Together Davide Gubitoso (The Golden Army) I developed The Sub, a popular virtual bass instrument used by music producers.

Some of my music is on Spotify. Lots more of it is including downloads are on SoundCloud.

I make videos on TikTok about various things I find interesting in music.